tea and cake dundee - shop frontWe are an independent family owned and run Cafe, we took over “T ANN Cake” in November 2015 and adjusted the name purely for transparency with our customers, Ann has gone and we didn’t want to look like we were pretending otherwise, besides, “T Claire Cake” didn’t work. As the proud new owner of “Tea and Cake” I (Claire), along with my family, are very excited to carry on from here.

When we say family run we do mean that, that’s me Claire with oldest daughter and budding Chef Emma cooking in the Cafe, our other daughter Katie washing dishes on a Saturday and it’s more than likely that you’re eating Veg grown by Granddad Bill!

Take the tour! We opened up our doors and created a virtual tour just for you. Come in and take a look around!

Our Culinary Mission

We love our food and it has to be fresh scratch made food every time, which is exactly what we will deliver to our customers. We have a mission to make sensitive dishes or Vegan dishes as intrinsic to our menu as our meat dishes are and be as flexible as possible with our customers so you can have your dish just how you like it.

Along with great food we are also very serious about our Coffee and our Cake, we are confident that we have some of the best Barista’ in the region and will only serve our Coffee if it is just right. Our Cakes are varying from day to day, all made here by us daily, some Vegan, some GF, Some DF, all delicious but you can judge for yourself!

We strongly believe in supporting local businesses, this is to everyone’s benefit, that’s why we use as much as possible local companies in all aspects of our business. This also allows us to get great fresh ingredients and keep right on season with our offerings!

A Bit O’ History

tea and cake dundee - inside the cafeEstablished in December 2010 by the now famous founder, Ann, “T ANN Cake” has thrived as an independent Café & Bake shop.

My family and I loved what Ann was trying to do here, seamlessly integrating for example Vegan cakes and Gluten Free specials into her everyday menu, good fresh food, good prices but just that bit different.

When we saw it up for sale we jumped at the chance.

Meet The Team

From head cook to head gardener, there’s more people than you might think keeping our little engine running. Meet them all including Granddad Bill!


Claire / Head Chef

After 16yrs as a dedicated mother and VERY patient wife, Claire decided to turn her love for food and cooking from a hobby into a business, yes, she is a little mad!

Fact: Is more likely to “dance” under pressure than “crack”, loves her dogs and her WINE! And loves highland coos!



18yrs old with a talent for cooking (wonder where she gets it?), already having worked in some on the best kitchens in and around Dundee, she is a budding Chef already keen to lead our little Café!

Fact: Emma has just started a 6-month diploma with the Edinburgh School of Food and Wine to take her cooking to the next level, the Café and our menu are next on her hit list!



Between exams and Hockey (keep it up HSD) she doesn’t have much time to spare the Café but she’s always involved in one way or another, the creative one with her own ideas about everything!

Fact: Loves Drama and Fashion (what 15yr old doesn’t) and is dying to bring an element of both to the Café, watch out Tea and Cake, Katie has something up her sleeve for you in 2018!

Releve 100%

Grandad Bill / Head Gardener

He may have hung up his Market Gardeners hat in the 80’s when our high street green grocers were wiped out by the advent of the supermarkets but he never lost his magic touch or his love for growing.

Fact: Once he saw our passion for the food we’re serving at the cafe there was no stopping him getting involved, we just had to showcase his delicious, organic, seasonal Scottish veg on the menu and in our specials.