Delicious food for all!

tea and cake dundee - lunch avocado toast topYou will hear us talking allot about “sensitive dishes” great food “accessible” for everyone and so on, wondering what we mean?

For years our entire family has been suffering with one intolerance or another, seriously, you wouldn’t believe the spectrum of intolerance in our household. Gluten free, dairyfree, wheatfree – some of us struggle with tuna, pork, beef, chicken  – and some of us struggle with peppers, chillis, oil. The list could go on.

I’m sure many of you can relate to how difficult it is to eat around the things you love, that you are intolerant to while attempting to keep food interesting, nutritionally balanced and tasty!

tea and cake dundee - lunch curryWe love meat, we love vegetables, we love spice, we love olive oils and vinegars, we love fresh, we love organic and we love local! Through necessity we started to naturally find ourselves preparing gluten free meals, wheat free meals, we tried vegan dishes, vegetarian dishes and so on, all in the search for tasty food that is satisfying and tasty without the horrible after effects, we found one common factor in achieving this, you have to know every last component of every dish to be sure of what you’re getting and where it came from and don’t be restricted by the typecast or category of different foods or dishes.

tea and cake dundee - lunch watercress soup top 2So that’s our mission here at tea and cake.


Cooking fresh food with great integrity from scratch using great Scottish ingredients as much as possible, even some home grown veg, all resulting in great flavour and no nasty additives or preservatives or any other nastiness that we just don’t need in our bodies. A menu that intrinsically caters for various intolerances and some that don’t, were here for everyone, no category or typecast, you will never be ordering that token dish at the end of the menu for “your dietary category”.

Unapologetically cooking traditional Scottish dishes such as Venison stew with roasted vegetables on the same specials menu that we will serve a Vagan and Gluten Free Dahl curry with coriander speckled basmati rice. Serving arguably Dundee’s best dark rich Carrot Cake with lime zested cream cheese topping at the same time we serve the decadent Vegan Courgette and Bannana cake.

Great, healthy, scratch made, well balanced food that is bursting with flavour while being sensitive and accessible for everyone, come and try us out.