We’re on a roll!

we-are-on-a-roll-tempWe love a good bread roll, who doesnt right? We were so fed up of the promise of a great filled roll combo being let down by the bread roll that looks and sounds great but overpowers all the other ingredients, whether it be too tough or too dense or the texture isnt right etc, or even if there is just too much roll!

We wanted a roll that compliments the other ingredients, after all it’s all of the ingredients we want to taste right?, not just a mouthfull of dough stealing the show and leaving you feeling bagged up and sluggish.

So we got to work with our Forfar bakery Panzerotti to develop the tea and cake signature roll, one that is just the right size, shape, density and flavour, one that will showcase and compliment all of the delicious local Scottish ingredients we use but not overpower them!

We’re super excited to announce that it is finally here, allot of painstaking roll eating has went on during the R&D process to find just the right balance of flavour and texture in just the right size of roll, but we think it was all worth it.

We invite you to come along and try our house roll, you cant get this anywhere else, this is our design for our customers in collaboration with the amazing Panzerotti team from Forfar, who knows what else we will come up with, a GF version has got to be on the cards…