Your suggestions Please

1One thing we are sure of here at Tea and Cake is that absolutely everyone has a food story to tell, a great idea or two up their sleeve or that experience you had that time somewhere in the world that you never forgot.

Whether that be a traditional family recipe handed down through the generations, that exotic fruit cocktail you had in the Middle East when your other half proposed, that amazing fresh seafood dish you had on a beach in the Caribbean on your honeymoon, that Coffee house speciality in central Europe while away on business, that unforgettable Deli Sandwich in NYC, a Highland treat while hiking the beautiful West coast of Scotland with friends and loved ones perhaps? or even just that little something you like to make at home yourself, we all have amazing experiences and ideas to share.

Here at Tea and Cake we really are interested to hear from you. We are getting daily inspiration from our own team and serving those up to our customers with great success so far, but we want now to invite our customers to get in on the action and let us know what you would like to see on our specials board.

If you take a look here you will find an area of our website dedicated to your suggestions, we love hearing from our customers, not only the recipe and the method but the story behind it, food always tastes so much better when theres a story behind it don’t you think? You can suggest whatever you like, a sandwich, a stew, a roast, a curry, a healthy breakfast idea, a frozen drink, a smoothie, a Coffee, a Tea, a Cake, we could go on and on, suffice to say if you have an idea you’d like to share then send it on over.

We plan to pick one per fortnight and run it as a special for one week in addition to our own specials and standard menu, you will get full credit with your name next to the dish on our webpage and in the Cafe and if you have a special message or story you like to share we will publish that too, where you experienced the dish, what inspired you to create it, a memory associated with it or even a romantic message, it would be such a pleasure to share.

Of course your efforts wont go unrewarded! You will have your first one (whatever it is) FREE, and if you bring friends or family to try your creation we will also give your entire group 10% off the bill too!


We cant wait to hear from you all!

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